“One hand can’t clap.” It’s not about having technologically advanced team members, it’s about technologically enabled teams.


Team Technology Enablement

PSK Consulting Team Technology Enablement is a multiple steps process to identify, utilize, and enhance team members’ technological capabilities.

First, team members are interviewed to identify existing capacities, interests, and comfort zones. Then, an overall Team Technology Enablement plan with multiple options is suggested to the management.

Personalized training on conventional and advanced tools are delivered to each team member according to the option selected by the management. PSK Consulting designs client specific training around existing technological challenges of the team while providing guidance on publicly available triaging materials.

Process Improvement and Automation

PSK Consulting reviews the current state of business processes and suggests appropriate technological improvements and automations. The goal is to review and understand the existing procedures in order to improve the holistic process as appropriate rather than patching a partial procedure during extraction, transformation, and/or generation of data/information.

PSK Consulting prepares a managerial report of procedures in which technological improvements and/or automation can be applied to help management choose specific desired process improvement and/or automation. PSK Consulting designs the project roadmap according to the management’s decision of desired changes and builds or helps to build (management’s decision) the automation.


Pedram Khoshakhlagh Photo

Pedram Khoshakhlagh

Pedram Khoshakhlagh is a Digital Transformation Strategist who leads development of automation processes for his clients. This includes process automation for preparing and reviewing tax returns and financial reports and technology enablement of staff.Pedram is a trained engineer and holds a Master’s degree in Structural Engineering from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art (The Cooper Union).

Pedram also holds a Master’s degree in Public Accounting from Mercy College and graduated at the top of his class with various awards such as NYSSCPA Superior Scholar and IMA Certificate of Achievement.Pedram gained over ten years of engineering experience before joining the financial and accounting industry to focus on data automation and data analytics. Pedram was among the first generation of engineers who worked on a data driven methodology called BIM (Building Information Modeling). Studying accounting assisted Pedram to recognize opportunities in data automation and data analytics in the financial and corporate world.Joining professional services giant PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) allowed Pedram to lead outstanding and novel projects such as End-to-end Indirect Tax Automation which enables users to prepare tax returns without manual data processing.

Pedram has been teaching Accounting Information Systems (AIS) at Mercy College since 2015. He believes academia and industry should work alongside to train future leaders and address existing challenges; therefore, in the AIS course he incorporates advanced data analytics applications and techniques into the course material along with conventional academic materials.